Struggling in Lockdown? Snatch Your Motivation Back & Salvage Your Goals

Struggling in Lockdown? Snatch Your Motivation Back & Salvage Your Goals

*Rob is a multiple x CrossFit Games athlete and head coach/programmer at Unifyd Training & Reebok CrossFit Frankston. He's currently going through Victorian lockdowns himself and shares here a nice pick me up for whoever needs to hear it. Stay strong out there on the east coast frog fam, we hope relief and freedom is on it's way soon 

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You are not alone.

I know you’re missing your favourite coaches and training buddies.

It’s a never-ending internal battle to stay motivated and establish a new routine.

And you are one bad session away from quitting until gyms reopen.

Fortunately, there’s always a different choice...

How to Conquer Lockdown

When we’re faced with any challenge or adversity our initial reaction is mostly negative and defeating.

When you feel the feelings of defeat and all the negative thoughts that are packaged with those feelings, that’s your trigger to flip the script.

Start to focus on how you can overcome the challenge and put your positive self-talk into full swing.

We as humans have incredible willpower, yes that means you too. This is the time to tap into that willpower and keep moving forward regardless of how you’re thinking and feeling.

The hardest days are the most important days. You will be so proud of yourself for showing up and getting your training done on these days- remember, don’t listen to the negative thoughts and feelings, train anyway.

The Easiest Way to Stay Motivated

We all miss the gym and community we have grown to love. We just want this to end so we can go back to the good old days.

The best thing you can do is team up with a training buddy. Meet them in person (if the rules allow) or via Zoom or another platform.

Contact someone that brings good energy, and you enjoy being around.

Be mindful of what energy you are bringing to the sessions too; you want it to be a great experience for both of you. Smile, have fun, encourage, and push each other.

If you are new to your gym or community, reach out to one of your coaches to help you with this process.

You are one message or email away from getting your motivation back… it now.

The One Thing You Must Do to Keep Progressing

It’s very easy to go through the motions and not have any purpose in what you’re doing.

What we resist persists. The more we resist our current circumstance and the more we wish for it to be different the more unhappy we are.

Embrace the current situation and challenge yourself to get better.

The key is to trick yourself.

Trick yourself into a better effort, trick yourself into focusing more, and trick yourself into being more intentional.

How? you ask.

Just start the training session with no expectations- your only intention is to tick a box to say you trained for the day. This makes it easy and gets your foot in the door.

Once you start, place your attention on how you’re moving and focus on your technique. This brings you into the present moment and progresses your skills.

As the session progresses and you get into the workout, start to find areas that you can challenge yourself more. You can start to do bigger sets or complete your later rounds faster than the first round.

Just start, then progressively challenge yourself while you’re in it.

Here’s a mantra that I would always use during a workout; The more you hurt during the better you’ll feel after.

You Can Do This!

You want to conquer lockdown?

You can.

You want to get your motivation back?

You can.

You want to keep progressing?

You can.

It’s not an easy task but you’re capable of more than you think and the effort and willpower you exercise will be worth it. Nothing worth accomplishing is easy, stand out from the crowd and inspire the people you care about most- be the example of resilience.


Rob Forte


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